So what is Harvest Homestead, Co. anyway? 

Harvest Homestead, Co. is an online market and New American Bakery.


Our emphasis is on traditional American, French, and Eastern European desserts with farmers market flair. We love the idea of modern nostalgia and ache for a farm house filled with preserves, a massive garden, and pies cooling on the sill. Taking Old World concepts and giving them New World charm is what we are all about.

We believe the best ingredients make the best products; therefore, we take great pride in sourcing the perfect orange-yolked pastured eggs, rich grass-fed dairy, and sumptuous local produce that go into our creations. 



Specialty goods, kitchenwares, and things we just plain like; our market features swoon-worthy items that beg to be put on display (or in your mouth). Let's face it, beautiful things make us feel good. Sipping tea out of a hand crafted mug, measuring sugar with a copper cup, or putting your cake on a perfect stand might not be necessary, but it's those luxuries that can enhance our experience. We look for wares that make us excited and we hope you feel the same way.

And because nothing feels quite as good as giving, we have put together gift boxes so good that you might have to pick one up for yourself.